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Immersive, Interactive Exhibits
How We do it
Storytelling through a variety of media to create immersive, meaningful, attractive, educational experiences that visitors remember and talk about long after they leave.
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our process
TMDA begins all projects by listening to our clients’ (and their stakeholders’) needs and desires. Through these initial meetings, we articulate a project’s goal, message, and content/emotional/behavioral objectives. Using these as guideposts, we embark on the exhibit’s design and research. While other firms carry out these essential next steps separately (often using consultants), TMDA’s principals work in person and in tandem, weaving content interpretation into every aspect of the process.

Our research makes use of regional and national archives, and we also seek out local institutions and private collections as part of our fieldwork. Fieldwork is an essential element. We visit sites with area experts and experience our exhibit content firsthand. We also collect much of our own photography and videography (including carrying out oral histories) during our field trips. Our research goes beyond books, archives, and fieldwork, however. We enthusiastically solicit community input and involvement in our work. This takes the form of formal public meetings as well as informal encounters during our fieldwork. In addition, we involve communities in our content development through the use of area resources (e.g., photographic and bibliographic collections), and we incorporate donations and loans (of props and artifacts) into our exhibits. This approach fosters community ownership of projects, which is important, especially in government-funded contracts.

Just as our design process goes hand-in-hand with our content research and interpretation, it also continues throughout the fabrication/production process. We take to heart the concept of Design/Build: all of our designers are also our builders, and vice versa. This paradigm makes us agile fabricators by providing us greater control over design decisions made throughout the fabrication process. It also gives us greater control over quality of workmanship and allows us to produce exhibits more economically, while also not incurring the overhead costs of contractors—a savings that we pass to our clients.
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Dr. Anne Toxey

Company Director/Lead Interpretive Planner/Writer
Loves to teach.
(817) 366-7487
Photo credit: Natalia Sun
Patrick McMillan

Senior Designer/Artistic Director/Project Manager
Loves to make magic.
(817) 368-2750
Photo credit: Natalia Sun
Our work spans from developing entire new museums (including feasibility studies, audience research, space planning, content development, and multimedia interactive exhibit design/fabrication/installation), to producing driving and walking tours, to helping communities develop their own heritage tourism products, to creating digital backdrops for stage performances, to constructing large public art pieces and designing environmental graphics.

Our clients include non-profit museums and cultural organizations, performing arts organizations, agencies from all levels of government, and private corporations.

While the majority of our projects are located within the Western U.S., with a focus on history and natural history exhibits, our firm was originally founded in Paris, France, and we have a legacy of work across Europe.
Bexar County Heritage Center
Bexar Heritage and Parks Department, San Antonio, TX
Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word Heritage Center
Sisters of Charity of Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX
Summit Tourist Information Center
Wyoming Department of Tourism, WY
Digital Scenery for Live Performances
Agarita Chamber Ensemble, San Antonio, TX
Benicia Industrial Port Exhibit
Benicia Historical Museum, CA
Bexar County Elections History
Bexar County Elections Department, TX
The Skiles Family Collection : Ancient Life in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands
The Bank & Trust, Del Rio, TX
Ancient Life on the Pecos
Dallas Museum of Natural History, TX
Limestone Cave Teaching Exhibit
Edwards Aquifer Authority, San Antonio, TX
Hardberger Park Wetlands Interpretation
Hardberger Park, San Antonio, TX
Irving Archives and Museum
Department of Arts and Culture, Irving, TX
Splash Into the Edwards Aquifer Exhibit
Parks and Recreation Department, Austin, TX
Marathon Oil Centennial Portable Exhibit
Buffalo Bill Cultural Center, Cody, WY
TAME Trailblazer Science Trailer
Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering, Austin, TX
What’s Inside? BMI Interactive Exhibit
McKenna Children’s Museum, San Marcos, TX
Regional Tourism Development Programs
Texas Historical Commission, TX
Ellis Alley History Exhibit Mural
San Antonio Conservation Society, TX
Chambers County Safety Rest Area
Texas Department of Transportation, TX
300 Centennial Celebration Sculpture
San Antonio Museum of Modern Art, TX
Columbus County Safety Rest Area
Texas Department of Transportation, TX
Hydroscaping Teaching Model
San Antonio River Authority, TX
Concho County Safety Rest Area
Texas Department of Transportation, TX
Guadelupe County Safety Rest Area
Texas Department of Transportation, TX
Shiner Brewery Visitor Center
Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner, TX
Donley County Safety Rest Area
Texas Department of Transportation, TX
Walker County Safety Rest Area
Texas Department of Transportation, TX
Medina County Safety Rest Area
Texas Department of Transportation, TX
Hardeman County Safety Rest Area
Texas Department of Transportation, TX
Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center
Texas Department of Transportation, Langtry, TX
Pecos County Safety Rest Area
Texas Department of Transportation, TX
Herb, the Triceratops Diorama
Witte Museum, San Antonio, TX
Northeast Wyoming Welcome Center
Wyoming Department of Tourism, WY
James Avery Visitor Center
James Avery Jewelry, Kerrville, TX
Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center
Wyoming Department of Tourism, WY
CPS Demonstration Model
Black Gold Byway: Driving Tour and Environmental Interpretation for the Salt Creek Oilfield
Wyoming Department of Transportation, Casper, WY
Benicia Historical Museum Permanent Exhibition
Benicia Historical Museum, CA
The Nutcracker, Digital Animated Scenery
Ballet San Antonio, TX
Tick Tock Around the Clock
Austin Children’s Museum, TX
Discoveryland Environmental Sculptures, Mainstreet Architecture, and many design details throughout Disneyland Paris Theme Park
Walt Disney Imagineering, CA, and Disneyland Paris, France
Texas Department of Transportation
The City of Austin, Texas
Austin Children’s Museum
The Disney Store (Paris and London)
Walt Disney Imagineering
Disney Software
EuroDisney SARL
Landmark Entertainment
Continental Airlines
Warner Brothers
Sony Pictures
Guillemot International
Flammarion Press
Dallas Museum of Natural History
American Heritage Airpower Museum
Southern Methodist University
Uintah County, Utah
Benicia Historical Museum
Folsom Historical Society
Rasputin Records
Industrial Shanghai - UC Berkeley
Flannery O’Connor Room - GC&SU
Phil Collins
Children’s Museum, Corpus Christi
Bexar County Parks Division
Irving Archives and Museum
Texas Historical Commission
Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word
Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner Visitors Center
Agarita Chamber Ensemble
The Bank and Trust, Del Rio, TX
Bexar County Elections Office
The City of San Antonio, Phil Hardberger Park
San Antonio Museum of Art
Edwards Aquifer Authority
McKenna Children’s Museum
San Antonio Conservation Society
Marathon Oil
San Antonio River Authority
Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering
Wyoming Office of Tourism
Witte Museum
Wyoming Department of Transportation
James Avery Jewelry
CPS Energy
Ballet San Antonio
National Park Service
San Pedro Creek Culture Park
Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office
The City of Irving
Aerospace Museum, Sacramento
General Motors
Ballet San Antonio
Utah National Guard
SWCA Engineering
Hill Country Museum, Kerrville
Biry House Museum
St. Francis Episcopal Church, San Antonio
Frost Bank
Castro Colonies Living History Center, Castroville
Bexar County Heritage Center
The City of San Marcos
Municipal Renewable Energy Museum, Chicago
Austin Nature and Science Center
University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston
Texas State University
Fort Bridger State Historic Site, Wyoming
Laramie Railroad Depot Association
Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office
Wyoming Army National Reserves
San Antonio Children’s Museum
Cedar Hills Museum
Ruth Paine House Museum, Irving
Frontier Times Museum, Bandera
Institute of Texan Cultures
The City of Llano
Guadalupe Regional Medical Center
Benicia Historical Museum
University of California, Berkeley
TMDA is a Design/Build firm with extensive experience developing exhibits for museums and visitor centers across the western U.S. and Europe. Combining creative design with academic rigor, we are renowned for producing engaging, interpretive, experiential exhibits that are also very well researched. Our permanent, traveling, and changeable exhibits range broadly in size, budget, subject matter, and audience.

Prior to TMDA’s founding in 1992 Paris, France, the two principals worked as Imagineers for Disney—one as an architect and the other as a production designer—primarily on EuroDisneyland. We left a legacy of immersive exhibits across Europe before relocating to and refocussing on the U.S. in 1998.

We apply our training as Disney designers to the museum industry by transforming exhibit content into exciting learning experiences and environments. We bring thought-provoking interpretation, creativity, and cutting-edge technology to museum exhibits.

When creating an exhibit, TMDA tells a story, not just with facts and artifacts. We connect visitors to our subject matter by giving them experiences and creating emotions. We let visitors feel as if they are stepping back in time or into another realm to witness firsthand the content featured in the exhibit. This approach engages them in exciting and memorable ways.

Our work goes well beyond exhibits, however. We apply our design and interpretation skills and our decades of experience to developing: digital scenography, walking/driving/audio tours, museum planning, feasibilities studies, workshop development/facilitation, and much, much more….

Site Visit and Analysis

Defining Project Themes and Objectives

Interpretive Planning

Content Research

Content Development

Interpretive Writing

Interpretive Exhibit Design

Master Exhibition Planning

Immersive Experience Design

Stakeholder and Community Meeting Facilitation

Space Planning

Adaptive Resuse

Audience Research  

Environmental Graphics

Interpretive Graphics

Interpretive Murals  



Historic Re-enactments

Interactive Media

Touchscreens: Content and Production

A/V Specifications and Integration

Audio Tours
Walking and Driving Tours

Web-based Interpretation


Video Planning and Production


Audience Circulation Studies

Custom Exhibitry

Custom Cabinetry

Artifact Display Cases

Object Mounts and Bases

Best Practices Archival Exhibits

Print catalogs & Brochures

Architectural and Engineering Coordination

3D Digital Models

Physical Models


Educational Teaching Models

Teaching Curriculum

Fundraising materials

Detailed Renderings

Exhibit Fabrication

Exhibit Installation
Training New Recruits
“Wow!!  The whole family was mesmerized! This is even better than what
I already thought was perfect. I can only imagine that the audience is going to be moved even more… We are so lucky to have somebody so talented and dedicated to the quality of the show.”
—Easton Smith, Ballet San Antonio

“We have had so many compliments on the exhibition! Can’t wait for you to see people enjoying your vision and your work”
—Shannalea Taylor, Bank & Trust of Del Rio

“They developed a very thorough and compelling interpretive plan for each center and translated these into a highly creative, emotive, and interactive design… We are very pleased with th e results of their work”
—Diane Shober, Wyoming Office of Tourism

“TMDA has worked closely with local experts and formed strong relationships with the communities…TMDA has been professional, flexible, and very easy to work with… [Their] designs are innovative and will help to meet a variety of learning needs… their products are of the highest quality. SHPO cannot recommend them highly enough”
—Laura Nowlin, Wyoming State Parks & Cultural Resources  


“TMDA has consistently provided unique exhibit solutions that are anything but formulaic. They are sculptural and awe-inspiring, harmonizing with the architecture that surrounds them. Visitors who have seen these installations often report how beautiful and imaginative they are… the thought provoking research and interpretation by Toxey/McMillan fostered tourism in the regions that they have highlighted… Their professionalism and personal integrity have been of the highest standard from day one”
—Ralph S. Hanson, Texas Department of Transportation

“I am particularly impressed with how each of you has absorbed the values of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word and how well you are able to represent their vision.”
—Dr. Denise J. Doyle, CCVI Heritage Center

“I was very impressed with how the Museum has been developed. I feel it is an excellent ‘teaching tool’ for the generations coming up. I’m a teacher at core, and appreciate good ways to inform our young, and, for that matter, all of us.”
—Ruth Paine

“… my wife and I were very impressed with the job you did on the Ruth Paine House Museum and the library visitors’ center… the multimedia displays kept us engrossed”
—Robert Frost

“The work Toxey McMillan Design Associates did with the Trailblazer II [mobile museum for Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering]
is amazing!”
—Tamara Crawford, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

“… we spent more than an hour at the new Wyoming Visitors Center
—Jackie & Pinky Ellis

“…thank you for such a fabulous job on the Black Gold Byway project.  We were certainly blessed to have you on the team to recognize the value of that old road and its magnificent history!… how totally awesome the literature and markers are!!!!”
—Sandy Schutte, Salt Creek Museum

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to extend my kudos… you’ve done an amazing job, yet again! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the plan and am looking forward to seeing it develop!”
—Kristin Phipps, Wyoming Office of Tourism


“I’ve heard from COUNTLESS others sharing the same sentiment.  Great job. Thanks for working so hard on our behalf and making us all look so good. Mission Accomplished!”
—Diane Shober, Wyoming Travel & Tourism

“…as I walked through the visitor’s center the representation was of a Wyoming people with energy, frontier spirit, family values and imagination. I saw visions of the states’ respect for western traditions but also lots of focus on contemporary activities and pursuits.  Thanks for taking the time to develop a feel for this area, and for then manifesting that sense of Wyoming in a very, very powerful and fun way.”
—Cheryl Wales
Research, Planning & Interpretation
is an interpretive planner, researcher, architect, architectural historian, preservationist, and published writer. She is also the director of our company.

Anne’s academic expertise brings in-depth content and meaningful interpretation to our exhibits, In addition to her breadth of knowledge and research skills, she leads a team of like-minded, well trained professional interpreters. Through her faculty position at UTSA College of Architecture Planning & Construction, she has access to a broad network of other scholars.

As an architect specialized in historic preservation, Anne’s sensitive understanding of building design and historic architecture allows our exhibits to be woven seamlessly into their surrounding fabrics. She is also a Master Naturalist and applies this context sensitivity—and ecological expertise—to our environmental design projects.
A successful exhibit that meets a client’s educational goals begins with scholarly research. Equally important, however, is the quality of its interpretation. TMDA’s exhibits are known for their well-researched content and engaging interpretation, both of which are translated into  an exhibit’s design.

TMDA approaches interpretation and design much like a theatrical director approaches the production of a play through scriptwriting, staging, and set design. Storytelling is a common thread in both museums and drama. A good exhibit is dramatic and exciting: it  piques curiosity and inspires. As in a play or a film, we at TMDA reach our museum audiences through emotional appeal, making the impact of the exhibit content stronger. In sum, we entertain visitors as we give them something to think about, using the classic technique of “bait and switch.”
We layer our exhibits in order to reach visitors of different age groups and learning styles. There is text for the readers, sound for the auditory learners, visuals and graphics for visual learners, and tactile elements as well as interactives for experiential learners. We strongly believe not in placing exhibits behind glass but in making them touchable and participatory: Mount a wagon, climb into a fort, walk through the door of a slave cabin. Through role playing (which all ages and cultures can grasp), our visitors experience different places and times.

TMDA’s expertise in interpretive planning has been recognized by the Texas Historical Commission and Texas Association of Museums, who have engaged us many times to deliver professional development workshops on interpretive exhibit planning.
Photo credit: Natalia Sun
Vision & Design
is an exhibit designer,
art director, producer,
and filmmaker who melds his
entertainment industry
experience of Cannon Films,
Landmark Entertainment,
Walt Disney Imagineering,
and Warner Brothers
with the theatrical potential
of the museum industry to provide entertaining and
inventive exhibit design.
His museum exhibit design
has won numerous awards
including a Nature Conservancy Award.
He teaches graphic design,
sculpture, and computer-
Museum directors are increasingly aware of the need
to engage audience interaction to educate through means and media other than written information. We at TMDA design our exhibits with imaginative storytelling techniques—which we learned in the entertainment industry—to bring to museum exhibitions the highest engagement (and therefore education value) possible.  

Our exhibit designs create lasting impressions and make complex subject matter accessible. We use theatrical techniques coupled with state-of-the-art technologies to deliver content in the most interactive and immersive manners.          

A visitor who learns is a visitor who returns.
Photo credit: Natalia Sun
As part of a nimble Design/Build firm, our principals and team leaders all wear the hats of both designers and producers. This approach is not only efficient, but also creates the most effective designers and sensitive producers/fabricators.

In addition to our polyvalent team leaders pictured here, we draw from a large network of skilled designers, builders, carpenters, sculptors, artists, programmers, IT pros, photographers, audio and lighting specialists, animators, and filmmakers with whom we have worked for years. We match the needs of each project with a hand-picked team whose members are chosen for their honed skills.
Sasha is an internationally acclaimed painter, sculptor, photographer, and graphic designer. Her work is regularly featured in galleries and on the web, and her experience as a scenic artist is prolific. Animals love her.
Dana is a meticulous painter, sculptor, researcher, writer, graphic designer, and builder. She brings to our exhibits her love of natural history and her extensive experience gardening, teaching, and camping.
Wallis is a superb video editor, writer, and researcher… in short, a great storyteller. She also builds show control systems that allow this work to play in different venues. Growing up in a family construction business also makes her an asset to our fabrication team.
Tommy is a master builder, welder, and sculptor who can imagine and realize novel solutions to challenging problems. Seemingly effortlessly he creates magic. His training in architectural design also makes him a valuable member of our design team.
Alexandra Nelipa
Dana Spottswood
Wallis Monday
Tommy Ruiz