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Anne Toxey, Director: annetoxey@tmdaexhibits.com

Patrick McMillan, Design Director: director@tmdaexhibits.com

Master Planning
Master Planning
"Man learns not by eye nor by intellect but through the heart"-Mark Twain
Goal Structuring
Phase Planning


Whether planning one interactive,
or an entire museum development
plan, TMDA tailors the team
to the project. By listening
to the various stakeholders we
establish the goals of the project
and put a plan into action.

From early space and budget
projections to final installation
spanning years of development
our turn-key operation is equipped
to build and plan a
museum's growth.
Community support for a project
is crucial to its success.
We have plenty of experience
talking with, and listening to diverse
voices in the community. From these
meetings we build the team
which is in the position
to guide the museum's
development through its phases
and goals.