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Anne Toxey, Director: annetoxey@tmdaexhibits.com

Patrick McMillan, Design Director: director@tmdaexhibits.com

Master Planning
Interior Design
"Man learns not by eye nor by intellect but through the heart"-Mark Twain
Floorplan Efficiency
Themed Environments


To create sensitive, responsible space
planning,we study the needs of the
project and then build upon the
strengths of the existing space.
Through this approach
theming is integrated with
the space, which strengthens
the message and final
success of the project.
This conservative approach
also saves the project money or
liberates funds for additional
components or contingencies.

Often we are asked to transport the
viewer to another world or realm
to reach him or her in a way
that cannot be done with
conventional means. We excel
in the ability to surround
the guest in an incredibly believable
environment. This approach is
particularly useful to such
exhibits as historical depictions
and natural science contexts.
We design not only the exhibits
but the context of the visitor