T O X E Y / M C M I L L A N   D E S I G N   A S S O C I A T E S  L L C
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4608 Ramsgate Court • Arlington, TX • 76013 • (817) 368-2750

Anne Toxey, Director: annetoxey@tmdaexhibits.com

Patrick McMillan, Design Director: director@tmdaexhibits.com

Master Planning
Graphic Design
"Man learns not by eye nor by intellect but through the heart"-Mark Twain
Themed Signage
Polylingual and Visual Aids


Interpretation, illustration,
photography, content research,
layout and great design.
TMDA has the experience
and talent you need for
your graphics package.

The rail reader or standardized
signage package is anachronistic
in most settings and shows
a lack of interest on the
designer's part. We strive to
integrate our signage into
the theme. We produce everything
from small scale digital screen
graphics to architectural signage.
To communicate the concept
of metamorphosis for a group
that could not yet read, we built
models of a butterfly in four stages
of its evolution. We always attempt
to incorporate some type of key
visual element to communicate
complex relationships to
our increasingly polylingual
society. Of course, where
words are necessary we
translate and produce signs
in all appropriate languages.