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Anne Toxey, Director: annetoxey@tmdaexhibits.com

Patrick McMillan, Design Director: director@tmdaexhibits.com

Master Planning
Film, Animation, Video
"Man learns not by eye nor by intellect but through the heart"-Mark Twain


Very often a design agency
is forced to go outside to find a
production facility that specializes
in the creation of a film, video or
multimedia presentation.
This, unfortunately, wastes
time and causes thematic
and contextual errors. At TMDA
we conceive and develop our own
media presentations ensuring
the same level of attention to them
as to the master plan.

From storyboarding to final
post-production effects, miniatures,
screenwriting, directing, scoring,
animation, and more, TMDA has mastered
the gamut of possibilities for
your presentation. We work
with some of the finest
names in the industry
ensuring the quality
that your project deserves.
We can offer final
presentations for large screen
projection or for computer
monitor playback and
everything in between.
Furthermore, we design
the presentation to fit
the theater in which
it plays providing the highest
level of impact possible.